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by answers on September 22, 2011

Sharon asks…

Looking for an outstanding school of nutrition/ aromatherapy/ayurveda/flower star remedies?

Considering Bastyr since they also have a culinary program

answers answers:

Just make sure it’s ACCREDITED by an agency approved by the US Department of Education (USDE) and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

When it comes to the area of study you’ve specified, one can’t throw a rock without hitting a school that’s unaccredited… Or, worse, a downright diploma mill.

Never take any school’s word for it that it’s accredited. Always, always, always look it up in either or both of the USDE and/or CHEA databases at:

If the school in which you’re interested isn’t in one or both of those databases, then, no matter what it claims, it is NOT accredited. Unaccredited schools which are nevertheless still basically credible (and not diploma mills) sometimes fudge a little on their accreditation status; and diploma mills nearly ALWAYS lie… Some of them going to far as to create their own fake (but nevertheless impressive sounding) accreditors.

Look it up. Always.

If you’re talking about this place…

Bastyr University
14500 Juanita Drive N.E.
Kenmore, WA 98028
United States
Phone: 425-823-1300

…then it is, indeed, accredited by a USDE- and CHEA-approved accreditor.

And, by the way, it’s a REALLY good school. If you can get into it, then look no further. Seriously.

Hope that helps.

Sandy asks…

Could you tell me about famous aromatherapy books?

1.Could you tell me about famous aromatherapy books?
2.Could you tell me about aromatherapy schools in Texas Dallas or online?

answers answers:

500 Formulas For Aromatherapy: Mixing Essential Oils for Every Use

Quite a good book in fact. Will have everything about Aromatherapy you need in there. As for universities, I know there are many universities in Texas, and I assure you that the majority have some sort of program for Aromatherapy. It is definitely a smart path to go down, and is not a stressful job (in comparison to jobs which are very stressful such a Computer Engineering)

William asks…

going back to school/night classes(aromatherapy)…..?

hey this is a question i am asking for my mum. a few years back she took a short aromatherapy course and really liked it. she’d love to go back to college and study this. the thing is we know she has to take physiology but we don’t know what else or how long the course is. she 43 and feels like her age will hold her back because small she thinks that she can no longer retain information. i told her she’ll never know unless she tries but is still unsure because of this. i believe she is capable of achieving this as she’s one of the smartest people i have ever met. any advice from people with previous experience of aromatherapy or knows about it is greatly appreciated. links to website would be very help full too. were located in manchester england btw. thanks.

answers answers:

Tell her to go for it and make sure she does. If i were you id go to connections and have a chat with them they can tell you a lot more about it then us or any website. Good luck!

Thomas asks…

Is there any place in Los Angeles where i can specialized in Aromatherapy?

I am in Everest college and this is my last month in school and i want to specialized in Aromatherapy but i just don’t know any information how to do it?

answers answers:

Your vocation appeals to the upper middle class – try Ventura Blvd., in the San Fernando Valley – many Beauty Shops – try one per day on a rotating schedule – ie – Rubies – on Monday – Phillys on Tuesday, etc. Etc. – Check all 5 stores during the Saturdays to see who has the best clientele and pick that place to do business on Saturday. (Rubies and Phillys – made up names – they don’t exist)

Lisa asks…

has anyone had experience with Aromatherapy and/or Reflexology classes?

I am about to start Aromatherapy classes, and likely after that doing Reflexology. I am planning on going to school to be an esthetician when i move to another state. until then i was going to get some related courses out of the way so i will have more to put on the resume. anyone with experience or insight is welcome to respond. thanks!!

answers answers:

I am currently studying VTCT reflexology at college, it involves written and practical assessments and lots of home practice. You will also be required to do 100 consultations, 60 on the public (we have a salon at the college) and 40 case studies. You will also need a diploma in anatomy and physiology.

However I am in England and I assume you are American? So the course content may be different.

It is a really great course and reflexology is a wonderful therapy.

Good luck with you aromatherapy course, I plan to do that next year.

Steven asks…

How to cure school-related stress in teens?

I am stressed out and it is the first day of school. Stress is EVERYWHERE and I can’t deal with it! It has been like this for about 1 and a half years now, and it’s getting really out of control. I come home and cry for hours to relieve it- sometimes that doesn’t even work. It makes me feel mad at others too and I can’t calm myself down. I am having difficulty sleeping due to stress and anxiety.. I’m always anxious. Does anyone have this problem? Does anyone know someone who has this problem? Does anyone have a CURE..? Any pills, liquids, patches, aromatherapy– anything? Also, any ways to excersize? I heard excersizing can reduce stress A LOT but I’m not sure how to balance SCHOOL, HOMEWORK (so much!!), excersizing, and personal hygene (long, cleaning showers, cleaning face before bed, moisturizing- i’m a hygene freak too) . Please let me know how I can excersize QUICKLY, and reduce my stress.
Thanks in advance.

answers answers:

As soon as you get out of school if you can, take a nap and let your brain sort out your problems. To help you relax and go to sleep, spray a lavender scent on your pillow. Before you close your eyes, try to think about pleasant things such as the ocean, a rainbow, etc. Even have some pretty pictures in the room where you will take your nap. Make sure the color(s) of the walls in the room you choose to sleep in are gentle colors – not too bright or too dark. Try some soothing music if you can sleep by music. Perhaps you can turn on a tv and have the volume so low that you can hear sound but not distinguish the words being spoken. Lay on your left side because this is the side where your heart is located and by doing this you will take pressure off of the most important muscle in your body. Try to lay flat if possible. Place a pillow in between your knees so you don’t twist your back in your sleep. Now that you’ve read all this, aren’t you feeling a whole lot more relaxed?

Mandy asks…

A good name for an Aromatherapy practice?

I’m in school to be an Aromatherapist and i’m wondering what would be a good business name for when I open my practice. I was thinking “Healing Hands Aromatherapy” because I will be massaging clients with essential oils to help them with their conditions. Any other idea’s???
what about something like “Rose Aromatherapy” like using one of the essential oil names as a name for the practice?

answers answers:

Zihra (with a silent h, having a silent letter gives a sense of peace)

Paul asks…

What is the best aromatherapy course for me?

For when I leave school. It must be part time. I’d like to go on to use it on horses and other animals.

So what would be the best type of course please?

answers answers:

If you are looking for aromatherapy courses to become certified then you can always look to aromatherapy courses you can do from home. As a certified aromatherapist myself, I would suggest that you take both the Level I and Level II Course and then become certified. As far as I know there are no specific aromatherapy courses for animals, but you can find books and information on how to treat animals with aromatherapy treatments via the Internet. Just be careful when gleaning information off of the Internet, even though it is called the Information Highway, many times it is more like the mis-information Highway.

Once you have your basic grounding in aromatherapy through a good aromatherapy certification course you should be able to judge the information you see regarding aromatherapy for pets on the Internet.

Just for your information though, Aromatherapy and Cats, don’t mix. Never use Aromatherapy on cats. Dogs and Horses generally respond well to aromatherapy as long as you remember to dilute your aromatherapy treatments according to their size, age ect.

Hope this helps
Sharron Myers
Certified Aromatherapist

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