Your Questions About Essential Oils For Hair

by answers on September 18, 2011

Mandy asks…

Where can you buy the pure carrier and essential oils for hair?

Where can you buy Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Lavender and Rosemary oils for hair? I am hoping for answers that say a walmart, target, somewhere familiar lol I don’t shop online.

Thank you 🙂

answers answers:

You could find them at target & Walgreen’s, their usually in a special section where they have products from latin america. Ask one of the customer service people when you get there. Their not expensive either. However, they may have chemicals or fragrances added. If you want pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, try Young Living Oils

Robert asks…

can someone list some essential oils for hair growth?

I want to buy essential oils to make my hair grow….can someone list some essential oils good for hair growth? Thanks in advance!

answers answers:

Sure! (; You can find a lot of them at a drugstore for cheap with oils in them,
here’s some different kinds of hair growth oils and the links so you can see what they look like !

i tried to find more online but its hard, just go to a store like walmart or something and there’s tons of hair products for growth! ;D

Maria asks…

Where can you get essential oils for hair?

im making my own moisturizer for my hair and an oil sealant as well. They say use natural oils such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, Tea Tree oil, Peppermint oil, Castor oil (etc.) Im also trying to find a good price on unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter an thing of that nature. Where can i get this stuff at an inexpensive or reasonable price for its amount?

answers answers:

Here are some sites: (fragrance library, very fun scents)

Hoped that helped! ♥

Betty asks…

What are the Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth?

How long do they take to work?

answers answers:

Castor oil , olive oil ,carrot oil,You can find hair oils with these ingredients in it. But i recommend an oil called stimulating growth oil by DOO-GRO.You can get it at Sally’s beauty supply and Walmart. The time it takes for it to grow varies from person to person. But the product does work.

Richard asks…

Can I use aromatherapy oils as hair care oils? Are they essential oils or different?

Hi, I want to use some oils for my hair because I’ve read it is really good for your hair, but I can’t find most of the oils where I live, but I have found aromatherapy oils, are they de same?? can I use them for my face too? Because I feel like they are different in some way, I’m pretty new to all of the oils stuff, so I don’t really know. Thanks!

answers answers:

Some are. They will not do much for the hair but the are really good for the scalp like peppermint, rosemary, tea tree. I would use a regular oil and maybe mix a few drop of Essential oil. Olive oil can be found anywhere. Essential oils are also expensive. Vitamin shoppe sells oils and so does any health food store. If you still can not find some they do sell them on the internet if you order things off the internet.

Donna asks…

Pure essential oils for hair?

Where can I buy pure essential oils to use on my hair?

answers answers:

GNC ,health food store or online

Donald asks…

Has anyone used essential oils for hair growth and did it work?Which essential oils work for hair growth?

answers answers:

I have never tried to use essential oil but I’m intrigued by it, I heard rosemary is good:

This magnificent herb is widely respected for its value as a hair and beauty aide. Rosemary can also be used in the bath, on the face and as a body or scalp massage.

Believed to stimulate hair follicles and hair growth, rosemary is generally believed to slow down or even permanently hold off premature hair loss and gray hair.

Rosemary oils and concoctions will soothe and condition dry, flaky scalps. When applied in a concentrated form to the roots and scalp, rosemary is helpful in clearing many cases of dandruff. Rosemary also mixes well with tea tree and basil for stubborn scalp problems.

And here’s an article that offers natural solutions for hair loss

Jenny asks…

Black Diamond essential oil…hair?

I’ve been looking at stuff about hair oiling and want to do my hair but I don’t have any of the suggested oils (except for olive oil but that is apparently quite heavy). The only oils I do have are Black Diamond essential oil and Bio oil. Does anybody know if I could use those?

answers answers:

I’ve never heard of black diamond but you shouldn’t use bio-oil anywhere on your body :: it contains mineral oil & bht among other harmful ingredients: including triisononanoin & bisabolol which allow for better absorption of these toxins = look up the ingredients on this site & you’ll see i’m telling the truth::

olive: coconut: sesame & almond oils are all very good for the hair :: you can put it in a spray bottle so that it coats your hair evenly without getting heavy =]

To get the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils, try Young Living Oils

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