Questions About Young Living Oils

by answers on September 23, 2011

Jenny asks…

What Young Living essential oils are safe for kittens?

6week old kitten has runny eyes. Also still not wormed and has full belly. Is digise safe at 6 weeks young?

answers answers:

I am a certified aromatherapist. Please do not use ANY oil on this new kitten! Essential Oils can kill them! Kittens can not metabolize essential oils like dogs and humans can. Please take the little tyke to a vet. Get his eyes treated and get him/her dewormed.

Sharron Myers
Certified Aromatherapist

David asks…

Anyone who sells Young Living Oils, are you successful?

I was thinking about becoming a Young Living Distributor but was wanting to hear first from people who have sold Young Living as a business. How have you been able to get customers, are you doing very well with it?

answers answers:

I did try it, and wasn’t too successful. However, I did become like an Avon lady, sort of speak, for “Silky Scents”. I absolutely love it! Their prices are perfect for me to retail plus if I get six packs, I can put my name or business name on the labels for free! Anyways, it sounds like I’m trying to sell them. I just can’t get enough with their good prices! You should check them out. You can google their name to find them online.

Are Young Living essential oils blends like Thieves, Joy, Peace & Calming & Valor worth their prices?

They’re soooo expensive !!! Is that justified by their quality or is it a rip off?

answers answers:

So as far as cost goes their consistent potency and high quality make them more than a great deal for us.

I used to think essential oils were a scam, until I broke a rib and was in so much pain that I let them be used on me. Pain almost disappeared in less than two hours, and I’ve been using them ever since!

Currently we use Young Living oils at home, and I use them in my massage and natural health practice. I haven’t found any brand better! I had to use a few other brands in school, even though I would still bring my Young Living oils with me. Fellow students complained that after smelling my YL oils, they thought their oils smelled rancid =o) The other brands’ were not as effective either.

We have used them in my family for everything from cuts and scrapes to calming screaming babies to asthma and more, and wouldn’t use anything else!  To order Young Living oils click here.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone have personal experience using Young Living essential oils?

I’m thinking about trying them and have read great things, I just want to hear some personal experience.

answers answers:

Young Living has the best oils on the market, in my opinion. I have been with the company for 9 years now and have had great success. My mother has “cured” herself of skin cancer using the oils and nothing else. I used the oils during pregnancy/labor/and delivery and had a wonderful experience. They are the only oils I will touch to my child. Young Living is therapeutic grade and has the best benefits of anything out there. Hope that helps 🙂

To order Young Living oils click here.

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